Traditional events in Kozlovice:

Even though the lives of the people of Kozlovice were marked by drudgery and hard work in the past, they were very friendly and enjoyed every available form of amusement. During the past century, a lively community life thrived in the village, with theater, oompah and jazz music, and singing in the school and church. In an age without television, the people created their own forms of entertainment.
This cultural and social activity is clearly evident today in the village thanks mainly to local residents participating in a host of leagues, clubs and other civic organizations.
This cultural and social activity is clearly evident today in the village thanks mainly to local residents participating in a host of leagues, clubs and other civic organizations.

We can offer you a listing of the best of our rich calendar of traditional cultural and sporting activities in Kozlovice. An updated listing of the events, including information about cultural and sporting activities taking place in Kozlovice, can be found at here.

• January – February:

Motoskijöring Races


A very popular sport in northern countries, similar to motocross with the difference being that each motorcyclist pulls a skier behind him who, naturally, he’s not allowed to lose during the course of the race. The program includes other events for children and adults.

Community balls
Ball season in Kozlovice offers a wide variety of traditional community balls, for example, the Firemen’s Ball, the Hunter’s Ball, the Theater Ball, the Parish Ball, the traditional Walachian Ball or the Children’s Masquerade Carnival. All of these events offer visitors a chance to try some excellent local cuisine in addition to enjoying rich program and wonderful entertainment.

• March – April:

The Way of the Cross pilgrimage
14 stops during the way of the cross up the Skalka hillside and the belfry of St. Barbora to the accompaniment of oompah music.

The Witches’ Sabbath


A romp of younger and older witches alike in the Kozlovice open-air museum on the site of Na mlýně. An event for children and adults full of contests, dance, music, historical swordplay and theater presentations.

• May:

The procession Along the overgrown footpath
A springtime tourist walk in the Hukvaldy region.
Tel.: +420 558 699 309, +420 602 738 095

Horse Day
An event organized by the company Kozlovice Ranch.

• June:

The Butterfly Tour – A summer cycling event in the foothills around the Beskydy with a side program and refreshments on the premises of Na mlýně.

The international Beskydy Cup for children in ski jumping


The ski jump site at TJ Sokol Kozlovice.

Mini Cup Měrkovice
Traditional football mini tournament organized by the volunteer fire department of Měrkovice.

Old West-style races, exhibition and market
Organized by Kozlovice Ranch, more information and a calendar of events can be found at

Children’s Day in Kozlovice

Dětský den
A rich program for children.

• July:

The birthday of the mill - „Pastýři na mlýně
On the site of Na mlýně.

Immortal shadows festival
Traditional Beskydy metal festival.

Fichtel Cup or Big races on small machines

Fichtel cup aneb Velké závody na malých strojích

An adrenalin event, races with mountain bikes, scooters, four-wheelers, small tractors and JAWA motorcycles, for everyone.

• August:

Kozlovice open air festival

Open air

Summer festival of metal music

• September:

Community Day
A community festival celebrating the founding of Kozlovice (September 8, 1294). Visitors can enjoy a wide range of music and dance performed by local artists. Popular music groups also take part in the celebrations.

Traditional Kozlovice Krmáš


Annual pilgrimage marathon in honor of the patron saint of the local church, St. Michael the Archangel. Many people from surrounding communities join up with hometown folk scattered throughout the world.

• October – November:

Autumn footpath
An autumn tourist excursion around the Hukvaldy region.
Tel.: +420 558 699 309, +420 602 738 095

St. Wenceslas’ music festival


A festival of classical music held in the Church of St. Michael and St. Barbora.

• December:

St. Nicholas day


An annual event for children organized by the volunteer fire department of Měrkovice, the Kozlovice parish, IC Relax in the Beskydy foothills (on the site of Na Mlýně), and the civic organization Sport for Everyone – Kozlovice

The international festival Chimes, including the Kozlovice Fair


This traditional four-day international festival celebrating Advent with Christmas carols and handicraftwork has a colorful program, with three days in Ostrava and one day in Kozlovice. This unique festival in the Czech Republic has been drawing more and more people to the community of Kozlovice thanks to a rich program that provides something for everyone, be they children or adults, with amateurs and professionals from the world of music and dance, as well as master craftsmen from home and abroad. Organized by the Zdena agency.

Photos: Vlastimil Bjaček, Šmíra Print s.r.o., Jiří Peloušek, UPL media, org.

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